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It's about the chairs!

Hey folks! Just wanted to let you know I've been in the business for 49 years! I've done work for Boston museums (Fine Arts/Gardener) and for the Shelburne Museum and Shelburne Farms here at home. I take great pride in my work and expertise in many types of seat weaving (and the occasional camel seat...) and am well versed in chair restoration/conservation and antique furniture repair. I also glue/repair solid wooden chairs and offer wicker repair.

Estimates are free and I can usually give you a pretty accurate one over the phone with the right information. I am on the list of conservators for the Shelburne Museum and have an extensive collection of pictures for you to view of my work. Please feel free to write or call--I'll be more than happy to hear about what you've got to repair! Or drop on by at 1155 Airport Drive, South Burlington Vermont 05403--just call first to make sure I'm in my shop, 802-658-2817!

The Caner's Choice Caning Vermont

Hi! My name is Jerry Proulx--born here in Burlington VT in 1960. When my family moved to the Boston area I was taught my craft by my neighbor Doug Barker (he was legally blind) when I was 10 years old. From there I progressed to the Caning Shoppe of Cambridge, MA--and was exposed to an enormous amount of antique and modern furniture that needed various repairs for 16 years--a great and unique learning process! After managing Bill Fischer's business for many years my wife and I decided to move back to VT to raise our children and so was born--The Caner's Choice. 

I have had the chance to work with curators and conservators of the Museum of Fine Arts, Gardener Museum (both of Boston), the Shelburne Museum, as well as Shelburne Farms--all terrific experiences!

I also appeared in YANKEE MAGAZINE's "Home Companion" (June 1994), VICTORIA MAGAZINE (1994) and Vermont Public Television's "Rural Free Delivery" (program 17 1998). 

And my talents are available for you too! Please call or stop by for a FREE estimate and a little history on your chairs--you may not know what you have! 

I don't do upholstery or refinish furniture--but I can give you a good referral!